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Uitzendbureau hET is good at putting the right people in the right places. For a shorter or longer period, temporary or permanent. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and temporary employees. And we do this by offering the best quality services. And whichever service that is, we always plan it together with you.

But to give you an idea of what we specialise in, here is a list of our services.

why you choose hET

  • Extensive knowledge of the market, HR and business processes

  • We are adaptable, flexible and we like personal contact.

  • Our temporary employees are well qualified, reliable and hard working.

  • We always look for the best solution for everyone.

  • In everything we do, quality is key.

Temporary employment & secondment

Our foundation and specialism: temporary employment and secondment. If you are looking for employees, part time or full time, for a shorter or longer period, Uitzendbureau hET can help you. You tell us what you need, and we select the temporary employees that are the best match for your organisation and wishes. We offer flexible solutions and are ready to find your new employees.

We regularly talk to you and the temporary employee to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Short communication lines, rapid response and optimal service.

hET Care

While demand for good nursing staff is constantly increasing, supply remains the same or is even declining. Uitzendbureau hET tries to resolve this with various solutions.

For example, we help healthcare and welfare institutions use their employees efficiently and effectively. We look for the best match, depending on what you need. From light caregiving activities, like help with showering, dressing and cooking, to more intensive caregiving services and giving specialist advice. Where necessary and possible, we offer our people professional retraining.

hET Food

Uitzendbureau hET supplies high quality employees to the food industry in the Netherlands and Germany. Because we know this industry very well, we know what you need. Our 'foodies' are available immediately and are familiar with hygiene rules. This considerably shortens the onboarding time. These employees are a valuable addition to production and logistics. Your own employees can then continue to focus on their core business. 

We also like to take the extra step and discuss staffing solutions for existing business processes.

hET Automotive

In the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, there is a huge shortage of skilled, qualified and motivated car mechanics and repair specialists. To fill that gap, we set up this special service. Our professionals come from all over Europe. Talents from the Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Spain who look forward to working for you. In addition to their qualifications, they also speak English and/or German.

Events flex pool

Are you organising a conference, festival or other event? If so, you will need good catering employees. Over the years, Uitzendbureau hET has assembled a large and experienced flex pool of catering employees. Everyone in the pool is available on an on-call basis for all your events, however long.

hET Inhouse

Want to leave all the recruitment to a specialist? But you don't need someone full time? Then hET will come and work on site. Depending on what you need, an Uitzendbureau hET consultant will spend one or more days with you on site. This gives us more insight into the company, the working environment and internal processes, enabling us to improve our recruitment services for you. We can also support you with other personnel and HR issues. And because we are the extension of your HR department, you can continue focusing on your core business.

Recruitment & selection

People must do what they're good at. That applies to our people, but also to you. No time or expertise to recruit and select new employees yourself? Leave it to Uitzendbureau hET. Our account managers will organise the entire process for you, from job vacancy texts to the final contract.

Choose a fixed fee at the start of employment (percentage of annual income) or agree a kickback fee for each candidate placed.

More information

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