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Downloads for employers

Statement of payment behavior of Uitzendbureau hET B.V.

Read here the 'payment behavior statement' we received from the Tax Office, stating that we paid our sales tax and payroll taxes on time.

G-account agreement Uitzendbureau hET B.V.

As a (potential) employer, it is important to limit your financial risks. For this purpose we offer a G-account. Download our G account agreement here.

SNA-Statement Uitzendbureau hET B.V.

The SNA seal of approval is for companies that provide labor. Read our SNA statement here.

General conditions Uitzendbureau hET

Our terms and conditions tell you everything from the employment contracts we offer to billing.

Chamber of Commerce Uitzendbureau hET B.V.

As a company, we are of course registered with the Chamber of Commerce. You can find our extract from the Chamber of Commerce here.

VCU certificate Uitzendbureau hET

Safe and healthy work is very important to us. We are therefore VCU certified, which shows that we meet the requirements set in the VCU standard.

SNF Statement Uitzendbureau hET

With our SNF Statement, we show that we meet the standard for housing migrant workers.

Privacystatement hET Groep B.V.

Read our hET Group B.V. privacy statement here so you can see how we handle your personal data.