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What Uitzendbureau hET organises for you

Will you be working in the Netherlands through Uitzendbureau hET? In that case, we ensure a soft landing. We want you to be able to focus on your work. For that reason, we organise various matters for you. So, you don't need to. 

Health insurance

To work in the Netherlands, you are legally obliged to have health insurance. Even if you receive social benefits or a pension. No health insurance yet? Then we can register you with our collective health insurance with Zorg & Zekerheid. We deduct the premium you owe from your salary. You don't need to do anything.

More information about Zorg & Zekerheid is available on their website.

Safety and clothing

Uitzendbureau hET has a VCU certificate. That means that we are responsible for your safety on the work floor. We give you all the information and personal protective equipment that you need to be safe and protected at work. Will you be working for a company that also has a VCA certificate? We will then give you a free VCA textbook and Uitzendbureau hET will pay for your first VCA exam.


No transport to get to your work? Uitzendbureau hET will help you find a solution. You could borrow one of our cars, for example. We have a (partly electric) fleet with over 100 cars. So, transport never needs to be a problem.


Will you be living in one of our houses? In that case, you are assured of a good place to live. Uitzendbureau hET is a member of Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF). That means that your accommodation meets a certain standard. Specific standards are set for various elements, which are inspected every year. Things like space, privacy, sanitary facilities, (fire) safety, hygiene, (information) services and good employment practices.

Do you have a complaint or comment about our housing? Call 024-388 81 23 or send an email to info@uitzendbureau-het.com.