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The certifications of Uitzendbureau hET

We are certified through several organizations. This shows that we have everything, from housing to our administration, well taken care of. Below you can read a list of the certifications we have and exactly what they mean:

  • Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF): this certificate shows that our housing meets all standards. This is also very important to us since our migrant workers have to come from far away to work here. In order to keep this certificate, we are audited annually. You can also find us in the register on https://www.normeringflexwonen.nl/

  • Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA): they are concerned with preventing illegal activities and fraud at temporary employment agencies. To achieve this, they have the SNA hallmark, which is based on the NEN 4400-1 standard. To meet this standard, an accredited inspector visits us to check whether we meet our obligations when we send out our candidates. These include the timely payment of payroll taxes, the correct processing of personal data and good administration. We are also audited annually in these areas, as a result of which we can proudly say that we have met the NEN standard for years. More information about this or looking up our certification? Then visit https://www.normeringarbeid.nl/

  • Safety and Health Checklist for Temporary Employment Organizations (VCU): being VCU-certified, we guarantee that our temporary workers work safely and healthily, despite performing high-risk work. This is because it is very important to us that our workers work both safely and healthily for a client. For more information, please refer to the website; https://www.vca.nl/

  • Kiwa Register: this organization ensures that permits are issued in the transport sector. Because we are affiliated with it, we are therefore allowed to send out our temporary workers in the transport sector. On the website https://www.kiwaregister.nl/ you can read more about this.

  • Pension: our temporary workers naturally build up a pension just like any other employee. For this we are affiliated with StiPP and bpfBOUW. As a company you are obliged to be affiliated with StiPP if you are engaged in temporary employment, secondment or payrolling. As a temporary worker you can also easily check whether you have already built up pension capital via https://www.stippensioen.nl/. This is also for bpfBOUW. Because of the construction collective labor agreement, temporary employees working in construction are affiliated with this instead of StiPP. Here too it is easy to find out what pension capital you have already built up through https://www.bpfbouw.nl/.

  • Fair Produce: they check, among other things, temporary employment agencies whether employees are treated and rewarded fairly. The Stichting Fair Produce Nederland certifies companies which guarantee a social personnel policy that meets all requirements. This stimulates 'good employment' in the horticultural chain. We are audited for this and we are proud to say that we meet the requirements of the Fair Produce Foundation. Would you like more information about this or look up our certifications? Then visit https://www.fairproduce.nl/